"But food is not just a conversational common denominator like the weather is in Britain. The subject, sometimes passionately debated, represents a personal philosophy of life." --Kinta Beevor

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being Flexible

     Don't you just love weddings? I do. (No pun intended.)  Such care and love goes into planning every detail of the special day for the happy couple. A few weeks ago, we had the best time celebrating my niece Jami's wedding day. In addition to the heirloom tomato salad and my vegetable napoleon entree, I tasted my husband's filet mignon, and enjoyed delicious appetizers, and wedding cake.
     I heard a comedian say the reason vegans live so long is because they don't get invited anywhere or to do anything fun.  Vegan eating is a mystery to most people. Non-vegan eaters don't quite know what to do with us so it's just easier to avoid inviting us to any event where food is involved. I prefer to be flexible and low key so people feel comfortable including me. Eating a low fat, low sodium, low glycemic index, high fiber vegan diet has eliminated my food cravings and the desire to over eat. I feel balanced and relaxed in a way that allows me to be a gracious and low maintenance guest when I'm visiting with family and friends. 
    I find people are interested in learning what vegan eating is all about.  I try not to put them on the spot thinking they have to prepare something vegan before they even know what it means. I remember feeling freaked out and clueless when I first started eating low fat, low sodium, low glycemic index vegan.  Gradually, over time, I am learning more and more and I'm feeling quite comfortable and confident in our vegan kitchen.

Photo: Jami and Johnny's wedding cake. My sister, Jami's mom, made the amazing sugar flowers on the cake.

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