"But food is not just a conversational common denominator like the weather is in Britain. The subject, sometimes passionately debated, represents a personal philosophy of life." --Kinta Beevor

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frozen Assets

     This past week I enjoyed a variety of delicious meals without preparing or cooking a thing. They were all dishes I had in my freezer. Since most of the recipes I prepare lend themselves to cooking for a crowd, I have the habit of making a lot and freezing what can't be eaten within a few days. This week my husband and I enjoyed healthy and satisfying entrees including lentil, carrot, and mustard green soup; split pea and onion soup seasoned with clove; squash stuffed with veggies and chick peas; and the rustic tofu chili shown above.  It was a welcome break from cooking and food shopping.

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