"But food is not just a conversational common denominator like the weather is in Britain. The subject, sometimes passionately debated, represents a personal philosophy of life." --Kinta Beevor

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Earth Teas

     A friend introduced me to Good Earth Original caffeine free tea. It remains my favorite ever since that first cup. Its spicy sweet flavor hits the spot served iced or hot.  
     In place of a cup of coffee in the afternoon, my husband enjoys a mug of Good Earth Decaf Green Tea with lemongrass. He says it refreshes and revives his energy without added sugar or caffeine.       
     Dr. Oz routinely touts the health benefits of drinking green tea on his TV show, and says that if there were a "pill" that did what green tea does, we'd all be running to take that pill.

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